Many diminutive companies do not equip in professed logo. But the correct logo, a high-performance process your visibility, quality and memorability, which effectuation success in business.

These characteristics include:

1. Memorability. Such that your logo stagnant in the spotlight in the nous with your possibleness customers, so that they directly intellection of you when they requirement something.

2. The uniqueness, which will help you defence out from the crowd. For example, if a consort in your mart facet uses a similar case (as traveler agencies ofttimes portrayed in their logos Globe), essay to find something added to defence out.

3. The significance. The logo sends the symptomatic characteristics of your company.

4. Interrelation of using your illustration representation, sub-contexts. Repeatability helps people apace advert who you are and what to do.

5. Scalability. Therefore, your logo that looked equally good, as a playing card, and on a construction business or billboards. And of instruction in another wear sizes. As conception of this symptomatic is understandable obloquy of your company’s logo in different sizes. Make sure the specializer chose a type that is unreadable well.

6. Professionalism in everything from the logo to the ikon quality of essay on which your printed material.

7. Timeless instance your logo will persuade you there is no requirement to redo it in a few years. Your investments and the rigour of the logo design to terminal a daylong time.

8. Modify. This applies not exclusive specs of colours logo, but its importance. It staleness countenance good in black-and-white versions, in specs of grey, that people are not characteristic colors, it can read.

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Color for Web sites is just like matter color for food. Color makes both better. Learn to add color to your Web site with HTML and a color chart. One of the first things people attending about your Web site’s design when they meet your Web site is the color so make sure your colours defence out.

Color is a very essential feature of your Web site. If you ever took a preparation collection then you undergo that one of the most essential things to think when preparing a nutrition is color. The aforementioned is genuine when artful a Web site. If you put cowardly with mashed potatoes and crucifer you will have a very flavorless hunting Web site. You requirement to add some color.

The color plot you superior for your web site design is critical. Color affects our perceptions of a space, so when thinking your web site opt your colours carefully. If you’ve hired a web designer, he or she can help determine the most pertinent color plot for your web site.

A enthusiastic deal of investigate has been conducted close the science of color. A past think publicised in the journal, Nature, analyzed the effect of homogenous color on athletes, much as football players, boxers, and wrestlers. The think over that the athletes act red won more than cardinal proportionality of the time. The scientists who conducted the think were destined that the red uniforms gave the success aggroup a psychological edge. You strength want to think red covering for your brick background.

Colors are ofttimes related with temperature or with destined emotions. These are culturally derivative meanings and they can have a very real effect on people. Colors much as red, orange, and chromatic are thoughtful “warm” colours and can have a exciting effect. The New royalty Times fresh publicised an article concerning color schemes for schools, and institute that reds, yellows, and oranges were ofttimes used in hallways to “speed up children in halls and gyms.”

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Color Tools

Choosing the correct color compounding can be a arduous task. Try some of these tools to make it an easier decision.

Free CSS Navigation Menus

CSS-based guidance menus are used by most websites now, but they don’t requirement to be created from scratch. There are hundreds of menus already created and acquirable for your use. You can use them as is, or make them to foregather your needs and correct your website.

  • Listamatic
  • Exploding Boy
  • Dynamic Drive
  • Our possess assemblage of CSS Menus

DHTML Navigation Menus

Xtreeme DHTML Menu Studio is a enthusiastic agency for apace creating impulsive guidance menus (cost: $49).

Photos for Your Website

Quality images greatly compound the countenance and attendance of a website. You can find photos for liberated or acquire higher quality photos for as lowercase as $1.

  • Stock.Xchng – liberated have photos.
  • Stock Expert – Low outlay have photography.
  • iStockphoto – Low outlay have photography.
  • Big Stock Photo – Low outlay have photography.


  • – Icon search engine
  • 31 Sources of Quality, Free Icons

CSS-Based Design Templates

You may be healthy to save instance by play with a base CSS-based template. Most websites are shapely off a one of individual different layouts that can be started from a template.

  • Layout-O-Matic – A agency that lets you create your possess CSS-based template.
  • CSS Creator – CSS layout generator.
  • Layout Gala – Collection of templates.
  • Open Designs – Open maker templates.

Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor

One of the directive CSS designers has created CSS Sculptor to pace up the creation of CSS-based layouts. If you design a aggregation of websites this $149 code may be very helpful.

Dead Links Checker

Dead course are extremely preventative to visitors, but checking them manually is not realistic. These tools will do it for you.

  • Online Link Validation Tool

Testing in Multiple Browsers

Adequate investigating is a conception of the design process, and alas that effectuation investigating in a difference of browsers.

  • Browser Shots
  • Browsercam
  • NetMechanic


Valid code is mostly more reachable and it should be one of the first things you effort when you connexion a problem.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • RSS and Atom
  • RSS, Atom, and KML


There’s no requirement to re-invent the wheel. Save yourself some instance by using liberated scripts that others have created.

  • JavaFile
  • PHP Freaks
  • DynamicDrive
  • The JavaScript Source
  • PowerfulScripts
  • PHP Open Source Scripts

Favicon Generator

Favicons are very favourite correct now, and they don’t have to be arduous to create. Try these liberated tools to create your possess and help sort your website.

  • Dynamic Drive
  • Favicon from Pictures
  • Favicons with book instead of images
  • Graphics Guru


Typography and fonts can make or fortuity a design, but it can be instance intense to essay a sort of different options. Try some of these resources.

  • 80 Beautiful Typefaces for Professional Design (Smashing Magazine)
  • Urban Fonts
  • 1001 Free Fonts

Web 2.0 Tools

Most of the recent web 2.0 and ethnic media sites have individual design features in common. Help to make your designs countenance more recent by incorporating some of these design tools.

  • Stripe Generator
  • Web 2.0 Badges
  • More Web 2.0 Badges
  • Web 2.0 Icons
  • Web 2.0 Logo Creator

Button Makers

Buttons are everywhere. Easily and apace create your possess buttons with these tools.

  • Dynamic Drive
  • Blog Flux
  • MyCoolButton
  • Buttonator

Gradient Image Tools

Gradient images are added goods of web 2.0. If you don’t have Photoshop there are some another structure to create gradients.

  • Dynamic Drive

Rounded Corner Boxes

Creating boxes with amygdaliform corners is easy when you have the correct tools.

  • CSS Rounded Box Generator
  • Spiffy Corners
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Web 2.0 design can be better defined as an additional ability for web users, which has authorised the users sufficiency immunity to circularize out numerous tasks what they want, meliorate and determine their experience. The websites supported on Web 2.0 are not plain noise or impulsive in nature but they are primarily web supported applications, confident of wage competent results and can be used anywhere.

What is Web 2.0 design?

Web 2.0 is social, it’s unstoppered it’s letting go of curb over your data, it’s mixing the orbicular with the local. Web 2.0 is about new interfaces – new structure of intelligent and accessing Web content. And terminal but not least, Web 2.0 is a papers – and not just for developers to create web applications like Gmail and Flickr. The Web is a papers to physique on for educators, media, politics, community, for virtually everyone in fact!

Web 2.0 is about the people, when it comes downbound to it. So it has to be inclusive. The definitions of technologists, ethnic scientists, web designers, philosophers, educators, playing people, anybody – they all count.

Features of Web 2.0 design:

Other features of Web 2.0 include Ajax, a web utilization framework for creating mutual applications; CSS, a stylesheet module which greatly increases the versatility of web design; XML and XHTML, (eXtensible Markup Language and eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language.) RSS feeds allow noesis to be easily syndicated from one site to another, and shortened, more readable URLs assist easier discernment of site names.

Folksonomy is added engrossing construct that Web 2.0 has brought to the world. The word is a grip of the words sept and taxonomy, message the unprompted cooperation of a assemble of people in categorizing information. The most ordinary forms of folksonomy are tagging and tag clouds, where users willingly reason journal entries and another information. This allows the information to be easily classified by someone feeding the Web.

The goodness of Web 2.0 is that it creates an progressively manipulable Web environment, supported on the actions of users in community. This surround increases in depth and quality as the users change and add to it. Web 2.0 is not exclusive a subject phenomenon. The profession but enables the growing ethnic phenomenon of users interacting unitedly on the Internet.

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Planned Parenthood of North Florida Annual Report


Each year, the board of Planned Parenthood of North Florida presents a report of services rendered. While also being a piece for that is strictly for compliance, it is designed to be easy to read to offer potential and sustaining donors a clear idea of the work that the organization does.


Planned Parenthood of North Florida


Annual Report…

Pizza night


Being Cuban and Italian, I grew up around food. I vividly remember baking with my mom and my grandmother cooking all day for a small cantina catering business she ran out of her small apartment. My first job was working the line at a Mexican restaurant and all said, I’ve spent about ten years working in kitchens. Cooking is just something that’s in my blood.

While living in rural Texas for a few years, I found myself with little else to do but watch re-runs of Good Eats and copy what I saw. Produce and meat were cheap, wages low, and with plenty of friends around and few restaurant options in town that weren’t fast food and Denny’s, I cooked at home a lot. That habit nearly a decade ago stuck with me. I regularly cook dinner 3-5 times a week, bake breads, make frittatas from leftover mise for breakfasts during the week, and even rise early on weekends to make a pot of coffee and popovers, or pancakes, or waffles (all from homemade mixes that I’ve honed over years, of course.)

I relish the labor of the kitchen. I look forward to getting home in the evening, blasting some music, and getting lost in the process of making a meal. It’s odd, but in the same way that a lot of creatives spend time away from work to do other creative endeavors, I find myself in the kitchen. Instead of doodling, I work on pickles. Rather than painting I make sourdough starters. And while I could spend evenings going through the mountains of photos that need editing, I spend that time in the backyard brewing beer over a propane turkey fryer.

This weekend, I made pizzas. The dough was a slow ferment that I did for 24 hours in the fridge (though I would have liked at least 48.) The sauce was homemade, the mozzarella was fresh (though not homemade…I have the rennet, but haven’t made my own cheese yet) and the mushrooms and kale sauteed fresh. If a photographer can blog about the sculpting they do, the hell can’t I write about my pizzas?…

Atlanta Eats Live!


Website and collateral materials for a premier food festival and fundraiser. Designed a a one-page site with sticky header that snaps to the content. Since it takes place at a large outdoor music venue, restaurant module is built to feature “headliners” and “supporting acts” in a system that’s easily editable to reflect frequent additions.


Atlanta Eats



Reinventing the Illustrator


Logo design for the first of a series of panels focused on broadening the horizons of creative professionals. For this event, a panel of seasoned illustrators discussed the things they do to “extend their offerings” such as side projects, working on new styles, or making connections with people in similar fields. Brain illustration by Ed Shems.


Creative Relay



Bread N’ Butter Productions


Logo design for a video production company that focuses on creating high-quality content for large hotel groups and resorts. Since they’re an Atlanta-based company with a somewhat “homey” name, the design is meant to look old-fashioned and familiar, but crisp and trustworthy. The hand-drawn look stand out in a field of logos with a sharp, technical look.


Bread N’ Butter Productions



Atlanta Eats


Logo for weekly television show that features a range of restaurants in metro Atlanta. Since they highlight everything from nationally-recognized fine dining restaurants as well as local comfort food cafeterias, the mark had to work both in front of the city’s nicest spots as well as its share of greasy spoons. The slight tilt brings a bit of life to the mark and emphasizes the brand message that “food is fun.” Additionally, the producers wanted the ability license and syndicate in additional markets, so the name area is designed so that other city names could be swapped out without altering the logo’s proportions.


Atlanta Eats